Four Beaches near State College

By: Levi Opsatnic

It wasn’t long ago that we discussed a list of beach games for the summer season, but like we said in that article, Pennsylvania doesn’t really have the warm ocean water or the white sand that you may expect to find along the Atlantic and Pacific coast. However, that doesn’t mean that Central Pennsylvania doesn’t have its own set of freshwater beaches that are just as fun, and what these beaches may lack in saltwater, they totally make up for with their own unique environments, fewer crowds, and the addition of wooded trails that are just as appealing as the beaches.  So whether you’re just looking to work on your tan, go for a swim, or test out that new game of Spikeball, this list is sure to have a beach that helps all of you enjoy the summer season.

  1. Black Moshannon Beach

Right next to a large bog, Black Moshannon Beach offers a quiet getaway that equally splits a sandy beach and a wooded forest. One of my favorite beaches in the area, Black Mo’s water takes on an awesome color due to the tannins found in the bog, and while it may not have that blue water/white sand appeal, it offers a look into Pennsylvania’s unique biodiversity that you simply can’t find everywhere. And when you’ve had enough of the beach, the surrounding area boasts an impressive 3,394 acres of forests and wetlands that all nature lovers can enjoy.

  1. Bald Eagle State Park

Located along Joseph Fosters Sayers Reservoir, Bald Eagle’s beach has everything that you need to kick back, go for a swim, and enjoy Pennsylvania’s beauty. This man-made reservoir is surrounded by classic Pennsylvanian forests and mountains and provides a great escape for anything from some kayaking to hiking and even fishing.

  1. Poe Valley State Park

The beach at Poe Valley State Park is another favorite of mine. While it shares a similar appearance to a lot of the other beaches in the area, its surrounding forests offer an amazing look at Pennsylvania’s forestry that, when coupled with its beach, offers a diverse view of Pennsylvania’s beauty that’s unique to this area of the state. Another man-made lake, Poe Lake was constructed during the Great Depression and provides a shallow place for a swim with water that’s usually nice and warm.  And if you make it to Poe Valley, it’s worth a stop at Poe Paddy State Park for some hiking and a drive up Pine Swamp Road for an awesome overlook.

  1. Whipple Dam State Park

While I feel like I’ve found each of these beaches to be a favorite, I’d be lying if I didn’t include Whipple Dam in that list. Featuring a small lake and beach that’s surrounded by woods that hikers of all skillsets will enjoy exploring, Whipple Dam is an ideal place to escape State College without having to travel too far. Its beach allows for swimming and sunbathing that the whole family will love and its rocky dam gives just the right place to soak all of the nature in and take that perfect “outdoorsy” picture. Another great addition to Whipple Dam is its local business SUP State College that rents stand up paddleboards, canoes, and kayaks that allow you to really explore every nook and cranny of this awesome state park.

All images courtesy of PA  DCNR.


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How to Make Money – 16 Side Hustle Ideas We’ve Actually Made Money Doing

How to Make Money – 16 Side Hustle Ideas We’ve Actually Made Money Doing

hey guys it's Tasha and Joseph from one big happy life in this video we are
going to be talking about sixteen side hustles that we have actually made money
here at one big happy life we make videos to help you find balance build
wealth and live your happy most of the personal finance world is really focused
on paying off debt and being frugal to save money but that is not the only way
that you can improve your financial position you can also make more money
with side hustles of course you know we are huge proponents of doing whatever
you need to do to make more money in your day job but side hustles are a
great way to help you meet your financial goals faster and also build up
your skills to make more money in your day job and it could even become your
full-time job because you can pursue your passion and just build it up until
it replaces your income alright so let's take a look at the sixteen side hustles
that Joseph and I have done to make more money
number one YouTube so we make between five and twelve hundred dollars a month
on what is basically a pretty new YouTube channel because we've only been
making videos for about a year now we're gonna be doing a video that's more
about like the inner workings of YouTube how we make videos that kind of stuff so
if you have any specific questions about that drop us a comment down below and so
that we know to include that when we do the video number two Amazon Mechanical
Turk mainly when I was in school looking for just a little bit of extra cash I
found out that Amazon has this part of its system that people will pay you to
do just random tasks sometimes for pennies sometimes a dollar for a really
big one but you go and work really hard really fast and maybe make six dollars
an hour so it's interesting but not really a great one number three I've
sold things on eBay and of course the amount that you make varies from thing
to thing so I'm just gonna talk about the thing that I made the most money on
which is like the craziest thing ever so when the iPad first came out
bought it the first generation iPad and I had an unlimited data plan from AT&T
that was $30 a month well four years later or three years later AT&T had
gotten rid of gotten rid of their unlimited data plan but grandfathered in
anyone who already had it and so what I did was I sold my unlimited data plan
online for $700 and so then I transferred that data plan over to the
person still had my own my iPad so that was a really cool thing to sell because
I was just gonna cancel the data plan and it would have disappeared so yeah
$700 on ebay selling a data plan number for estate planning
back in Texas I would do some legal work on the side preparing wills for people I
would charge $300 per will now this would include a lot of work because I'd
have to you go over everybody's assets their liabilities and depending on how
many kids they had and who they wanted to give money to or charities I would be
putting together a lot of work good bit of writing and I did it a few times just
for some extra cash number five online tutoring so because I have a really high
LSAT score I was able to get a job online tutoring people who were studying
for the LSAT and that paid $25 an hour and that was super flexible and really
nice so I would do two two-hour sessions a week and end up getting $400 a month
from that number six divorce legal counseling and we both did this one
right and so we were charged $50 an hour and this wasn't handling a divorce from
end to end but this was people that wanted to either do one by themselves
and just needed a little bit of extra help figuring out what all they needed
to cover when doing it or they were thinking about divorce and wondering how
that would shake out and so we would go and we would talk to them about the
legal ramifications about everything that they had going on and help them
make their decisions number seven being a virtual assistant
now there are two ways that you can do this the first which I recommend and is
not what I did is to find your own client
because then you can charge a higher hourly rate but what I did was I wanted
to get my feet wet and have something to kind of put on my resume if I decided
that I didn't want to do it freelance and I went through a service basically a
website called time etc and I'll drop a link to it down in the description box
and I got $11.50 to do things like people would ask questions like how can
I get a social security card for my elderly mom or booked a trip for me to
this place where that place and send me the itinerary and make sure it costs
less than bla bla bla so that's the kind of work that I did through time etc but
again I recommend doing it outside of a paid service and finding your own
clients and I will also drop a link to a course that I took that helps me feel
comfortable doing that kind of work number 8 painting now I know it sounds
funny but we actually painted somebody's office for $40 an hour and you can do
that kind of thing find jobs on Craigslist where people just need little
tiny things done that a lot of people already have those skills if you're
especially if you're homeowner you know how to paint a room more than likely I
love painting rooms like I'm a really good painter
I don't even tape things down I just like freehand all the edges and stuff
I'm good like that mmm yeah so she says. I am. I clean up all of her messes. No
I'm just kidding number 9 sold Mary Kay / Avon look I am
NOT gonna lie I have no idea how much money I made doing this because I would
end up just funneling my money back into the products and using them myself so I
don't really you know it didn't work for me but I'm sure there are lots of people
that it did work for they're driving around in their pink Cadillacs and
they're loving their Mary Kay life so if that fits your temperament better you
know more power to you number 10 building and selling furniture now this
is custom furniture that Tasha and I have made at home using all the tools in
their shop and we've made a hundred to three hundred dollars per piece and it
has varied what exactly we've made one of the nicest things that we sold was an
upholstered bed that we made for Alexis most often the things
that we end up selling our things that we built for ourselves and for whatever
reason ended up not keeping it or wanting to do something different and so
then we'll sell it and for for a profit because it's usually solid wood
furniture and so yeah number eleven online surveys so I have tried a couple
of the online survey things because I'm like well if I'm just sitting down
watching TV I might as well answer some surveys right because that's how they
make it seem so for me I found myself trying to do the surveys as quickly as
possible so that I would get as much money as possible but in these surveys
were SuperDuper long and so then I wasn't even focused on my TV show and
I'm like like hard at work like Amazon Turk trying to get you know two or three
dollars over the course of an hour number twelve mystery shopping this is
one of those things that you've probably seen how to make money working at home
and it can actually work I made about twenty-five dollars each time that I did
it and it didn't take too long number thirteen blogging so this is another one
of those things that we've never really made well we didn't make that much money
on our blog makes I don't know between five and ten dollars a month but we're
not actually doing doing anything with it we just put it there put a couple of
ads on it and you know but this year we're gonna work on being better at
putting more content on there and actually promoting our blog to grow it
but yeah I mean there are people that make two three ten twenty thousand
dollars a month off of their blog number fourteen selling plasma you can make
forty dollars each time donate two times a week that's four hundred dollars a
month that's lots of money but it takes about an hour you've got to go and sit
with a needle in your arm where it's taking your blood out filtering it and
then putting your red blood cells back in keeping your plasma
so if needles gross you out or anything like that not for you but it is a good
bit of money number fifteen working in retail I work for Ann Taylor Loft back
when I was working full time as marine and going to school full time at night I
also would pick up a couple of shifts and Ann Taylor Loft making like a super
minimum wage which back then I think was like between five or six dollars an hour
but I enjoyed it and I got a discount on the clothing so there was that number
sixteen day trading back when I was in school
always looking for ways to make more money I had about five thousand dollars
that I had saved up to invest and I made a thousand dollars over the course of
the year so that's the twenty percent return which is pretty darn good
as you can see from our list of scientist holes that we've done they're
very random kind of a little bit of everything some of them work really well
some of them don't pay very well some of them are pretty particular to us like
the legal work well unless you just ran out and grabbed a law degree you
probably can't do that but it gets you thinking that's illegal
yes it's illegal but maybe you work in the field where you can do your a little
bit of your day job on the side and that's okay so think about things like
that and also pursue your passions because
it's a time to get your feet wet and something new because when we started
you know our current what are now so sorry I have hiccups our current side
hustles YouTube and the blog they didn't start aside hustles they were just
passion projects sorry they were just passion projects that we
were doing because we enjoyed creating and so and they have now grown into a
fight I'd hustle so it's great to be able to do things that we enjoy doing
things that we would do for free but also make money at them I'm so sorry and
with that we'll see you guys next time bye